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Jul 29 2014

This is WOOF: Kirill Dowidoff by Serge Lee

Russian model Kirill Dowidoff by Serge Lee.

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Jun 16 2014

…fuckin yum!



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Mar 09 2014

Male university rowing club get naked for charity calendar

A male university rowing club have bared all by posing completely NUDE in their raunchiest ever charity calendar. The buff students from

Warwickshire University Rowing Society ditched their life jackets to strip for the FIFTH time. Featuring 14 members of the posh uni’s rowing club the guys - aged between 18 and 21 - can be seen frolicking by the River Avon and in their boat house in Barford, Warks.

Instead of the usual strategically placed oars, this year’s calendar aims to create a relaxed atmosphere by showing the lads larking around on the riverside.

Jul 25 2013


Of Beards and Men: A Portrait of Man

“Of Beards and Men” is a labor of love for graphic designer and photographer Joseph D.R. OLeary. Over the past 18 months, he’s photographed 130+ bearded men. Each portrait is an exploration into that man’s passions, personality and unique individuality.

The next step for this project is printing a handsomely designed and exquisitely produced book that brings together all 130+ portraits. The book will include three essays by art critic George Slade, photographer and educator Douglas Beasley and Twin Cities’ arts writer Andy Sturdevant. The book is scheduled for release in Fall of 2013.

(vía Of Beards and Men)

Woof! That’s hot!

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Apr 30 2013


Francis Mossman

Photos by Luke Austin via The Shady Beau Blogspot

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Apr 23 2013


Covers of G-men magazine issues #87, #103, #77, and #72
by Jiraiya (児雷也)

Hot asian machos!

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Mar 15 2013

Furry butt yes.


Furry butt yes.

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Mar 03 2013

Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders “Call Me Maybe” By Carly Rae Jepson - Military Tribute

This is a military tribute video to the Dolphins Cheerleaders. We do the video scene for scene the same as their video.

Mar 03 2013

Harlem Shake Shower brought to you by PornHub

HOT: Harlem Shake Shower

The hottest Harlem Shake, ever!

Feb 14 2013
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